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Piano And Furniture Movers

Leave the Heavy Lifting to Our Piano and Furniture Movers

Is there anything more beautiful than a grand piano dominating your family room? While we love how these beautiful instruments can tie a room together, we also understand how much of a burden they can be when it comes time to plan a move. Fortunately, here at HS Moving Services, we have piano and furniture movers trained to handle all of your moving needs.

Hire Piano and Furniture Movers Today!

No matter what type of piano we are discussing, the odds are good that multiple people will be needed to move it. From their immense weight to their unwieldy size, a piano can create quite the obstacle for a homeowner looking to move. Despite how bulky these instruments are, we have professional piano and furniture movers that can offer you the moving services necessary to get your move underway.

Let's highlight three key reasons to hire our moving company in Surrey:

  • Avoid Damage & Injury - Here at HS Moving Services, we have been complaint and damage claim-free for more than 23 years. Our staff takes their job incredibly seriously which means that we move with safety and precaution in mind to eliminate potential damage to your property and our workers. It doesn't take much for an injury to happen when moving a large piano, so let our team handle the burden safely for you.

  • Well Worth the Price - Most people think that it is cheaper to move their piano on their own. Unfortunately, this doesn't take into account the potential damage that may occur along the way to legs, strings, pins, as well as the body of the instrument. Our team is uniquely trained and qualified to move with safety in mind.

  • Save Time & Stress - Nobody likes having to go through a large move, so why bother? When you hire our moving company in Surrey, you can sit back and relax as our team disassembles, packs, and moves your property to your new home.


When you are in need of a moving company in Surrey, contact us, here at HS Moving Services.

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